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Published 2023-07-01

Community Assistant

Type of job: Remote
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Company: The Corporate Law Academy

Description of the offer

Hey – I’m Jaysen, the founder of The Corporate Law Academy (TCLA), the largest online community of aspiring lawyers.

Our mission is simple. We want students, no matter their background, circumstances or upbringing, to have access to information and skills training to succeed in the working world.

Our online forum is completely free with over 125,000 posts and 20,000 members. It’s a place to find support, discuss the journey into the legal profession and host important discussions on the legal industry.

We support our forum with training to prepare students to enter the legal profession. Our training includes virtual and in-person workshops, application reviews and practice interviews.

The Community

Fundamentally, the TCLA community is about providing our members with free access to the best information and advice about a career in commercial law, no matter their background or individual circumstances.

We recognise that not everyone has the same starting point, but we strongly believe that with access to the right training, we can help aspiring lawyers get where they want to be. This is especially the case with respect to securing a training contract, but it also extends wider, from discussing how to deal with rejection, how to stay motivated and productive, to thinking deeply about the future. We exist to break down the barriers to a legal career and to make the process of becoming a commercial lawyer more transparent and accessible.

The Role

Community Assistants work in the forum to help members feel welcome, supported, and inspired. This means making people proud to be a part of TCLA, knowing that they are part of a community of members who are working hard towards their own goals, and supporting each other in the process.

Community Assistants hold themselves to high standards. This is not only on the front-end, in providing aspiring lawyers with advice based on their experiences, but also in making sure the TCLA forum remains a safe and supportive environment for all members.

In practice, Community Assistants:

  • provide detailed advice to the questions that members have in the forum;
  • share their own personal experiences based on their journey to securing a training contract;
  • empathise with members who are having a hard time in the training contract process;
  • kickstart discussions that bond the community and create resources for the benefit of the wider forum; and
  • reward other members who have taken the time to support the community.

What does this mean for you?

  • You’ll learn fast.
  • Your tasks will vary. Your role will adjust based on the demand we receive for our products during different times of the year.
  • We move quickly. Our view is that it’s better to execute quickly and iterate as we go.
  • Your opinions will be valued. We love ideas and suggestions for how to make TCLA better for our community.
  • Expect to receive a lot of feedback. We’re building a feedback culture at TCLA, which means we want to make it normal to receive feedback because this helps us to grow.


We are looking for the following skills, motivations and attributes:

  • You have exceptional attention to detail and written communication skills.
  • You care deeply about our long term mission: to help students to succeed in the working world.
  • You lead with kindness. Your care shows in the way you write and support aspiring lawyers, as well as your support for the rest of the team.
  • You have an exceptional understanding of the law firm process and how a candidate can level up their skills.
  • You have a growth mindset: you understand that while you may not know everything, you are willing to try to work things out. You like stretching your comfort zone because you know that’s where you’ll grow.
  • You act with speed and intensity. We are a small team and we’ve been able to achieve a lot by working quickly and intensely.
  • You will go above and beyond to support other members of the team.

This role is ideal for an individual with a training contract offer. We will also accept applicants outside of this space.


Why join us?

You will have a tangible impact with the work you do. The best part of working for TCLA is that we see the real impact we have on our members day to day. We care deeply about sharing the most valuable information we find to the world and it’s a privilege to support members across a vast range of backgrounds.

You’ll be in an environment where you’re appreciated and valued. Our most common feedback is the best part of working for TCLA is the team. We work hard, care about what we do and care about each other.

The more you want to get involved, the more opportunities there will be. We’re curious and constantly learning, and we’ll give you the tools to support your self improvement goals.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being kind and authentic. We’ll bend over backwards to make sure you are heard and supported.

Key details

Hours (Full-Time): Flexible – 10+ hours (split across three days a week)

Location: WeWork in Canary Wharf

Salary: £15/hour

Please note that this is open role which we recruit for on an ongoing and rolling basis. The start and end dates are flexible.

How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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