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Long-Form Video Editor

  • As our in-house video editor, you’ll be helping us create amazing video content that will attract, educate, and entertain, with the goal of growing our audience and creating more leads and happy customers for our business.
  • Contract editor with an experienced editing and motion graphics background (premiere + after effects preferred)
  • Desired editing style: Similar to this, and this. Minimalist edits, smooth but nothing too fancy/over the top in production value.
  • Platform-savvy editing: Adapt your editing style to suit different social media platforms, ensuring content is always fresh, engaging, and optimized for platform-specific trends and audience preferences.
  • Collaborative Ideation: Work with our team to brainstorm innovative video ideas that align with our brand and cater to our audience’s preferences.
  • Project Management: Juggle various projects with finesse, effectively managing your time to meet tight deadlines without compromising creativity or quality.
  • Collaboration with team members: Respond to all questions and queries within a few hours ( within agreed-upon work hours) and participate in weekly meetings to report on progress and receive feedback.
  • Feedback Integration: Embrace and incorporate feedback, using it to refine and elevate your work to new heights.
  • 3+ years of proven experience as a video editor, with a strong portfolio
  • High proficiency in video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, or Final Cut Pro.
  • An exceptional sense of visual storytelling, able to hook viewers in seconds and keep them engaged through longer content.
  • Flexibility to shift between different editing styles and trends, staying relevant in the ever-evolving media landscape.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills, thriving in a fast-paced, dynamic, creative environment.
  • Strong ability to understand and interpret creative briefs and to express your own creative ideas clearly.
  • Digital marketing knowledge and how to create high-converting VSLs a huge plus
  • Up to date with latest AI tools for improving efficiency of video production
  • Understands the importance of video metrics for marketing

We aim to maintain an incredibly low employee turnover by maintaining the following standards:

  • Fixed, stable salary paid every two weeks
  • 20 paid vacation days (4 full work weeks)  annually
  • We maintain a polite, friendly, positive, helpful, and supportive team.
  • As bosses we are reasonable and open to criticism and improvement.
  • We aim to leave you more employable than when you started with us. We’ll provide regular training (full access to Linkedin Learning, if you want/need it) to make you into a better editor. Should you decide to leave us one day, you’ll be even more 厉害 lìhài (awesome) than you are right now.
  • We are a heavily results-based, remote company. Providing deadlines are met and work is done well, you will be free to work to your own schedule. However, we will require you to be available for regularly scheduled meetings at reasonable times (eastern time, US).
  • Opportunities for professional development and advancement within the organization.


Graphic designer experienced in web

Creative Studio is looking for an experienced graphic designer to collaborate with in realizing small and medium size projects including design systems, brand identity and graphic design + web interfaces. Ideally, we are looking for someone with strong aesthetic qualities and attention to detail, experienced in screen design, websites, and typography.


Elementary Kid-Friendly Illustrator

We are seeking a skilled illustrator to create engaging, kid-friendly pages for our Educator Management System (EMS) application. The application’s UX is based on an Ocean theme, featuring multiple pages with various characters and icons. We aim to enhance the look and feel of these pages with delightful, child-friendly designs.


– Improve existing EMS application pages with kid-friendly characters and icons using Adobe Illustrator.

– Develop creative and engaging visuals that align with the Ocean theme.

– Provide a revised design for the Home Page as part of the selection process.


– Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator.

– Experience in creating illustrations and designs for children.

– Strong portfolio showcasing relevant work.

– Ability to create visually appealing and child-friendly characters and icons.

Selection Process:

– Submit an Adobe Illustrator file with a revised design (without Canva graphic) for the Home Page (https://tinyurl.com/EMSOcean) and let us know the source of the images that are used. The design has to be unique with the kid friendly.

– Based on the submitted design, selected candidates will be asked to create additional pages and additional themes.

Unity Marketing Artist – Creatives

Welcome to Homa, the gaming technology lab taking the industry by storm! Our team of over 200 people, hailing from more than 35 different countries, is dedicated to empowering mobile game creators worldwide to bring their creative ideas to the top charts.

Our Homa Lab platform offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools that allow developers to stay on top of the latest trends, test new features in real time, and easily distribute and monetize their games. Our success speaks for itself – our apps have been downloaded over 1 billion times!

Since our inception, we have raised $165 million in total from prominent investors, including Headline, Northzone, Eurazeo, Singular, Quadrille Capital, Fabric Ventures, and Bpifrance. We have also received support from renowned business angels, such as the founders of King, Sorare, and Spotify founders.

But what makes Homa special is our team. We are a diverse group of artists, business developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and former strategy consultants who all share the same passion for taking over the gaming industry. When you become part of Homa, you’ll join a dedicated team that creates innovative and high-performing games that resonate with players worldwide.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and make a real impact in the company, then Homa is the perfect place for you. Join us and let’s create the future of gaming together!

Meet the team ‍‍‍

You’ll be an integral part of our Creatives team, collaborating closely with a Creative Lead, Creative Producer, 4 Unity Video Designers, and 4 Motion Designers. Your role involves working alongside Motion Designers and coordinating cross-functionally with Publishing Managers, UA teams, and Creative Developers to ensure that we reach objectives.

Role and Missions – What you will do

As a Unity Video Designer, you will play a crucial role in creating compelling and visually appealing game footage to engage and captivate our audience. Your responsibilities will include:

Raw Recording and Editing:

  • Provide high-quality raw recordings on Unity and proficiently edit these using After Effects.
  • Showcase the most attractive moments of the game to capture and maintain user attention.

Creative Enhancement:

  • Apply diverse scenarios and color designs to enhance winner recordings and boost user engagement.
  • Brainstorm with the creative team and implement innovative ideas for video content.
  • Provide consistent iteration of features as a way to improve winning reference videos

Data Analysis and Roadmap Generation:

  • Analyze video performance data, including key metrics like CPI and spend.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap based on data insights to improve video content continuously.


Preferred Experience—What’s your profile

If you recognize yourself in the following description, you’re the one!

Technical Skills:

  • Proficient in Unity for recording and After Effects for video editing (speed editing, color correction, etc)
  • Familiarity with KPIs related to video metrics, such as CPI and ad spend.
  • Ability to change materials, camera settings, and lightning in Unity project without console
  • Prior gaming experience is a plus. Especially in mobile games.


  • Curiosity and demonstrated willingness to improve and expand technical knowledge.
  • Ambitious with a high level of motivation, proactive approach, and dedication to tasks.
  • Humility and ability to effectively give and receive feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Proficiency in effective communication and cross-functional team collaboration.
  • Strong organization skills essential for efficient task management and prioritization.


Our Culture—Who we are

At Homa, we are building a community of brilliant talents. We believe that true innovation comes from diversity and collaboration, and that’s why we prioritize brainpower and determination over formal education. So if you have the talent, energy and motivation, there is no obstacle to your success here.

As the creative experts behind the platform, we provide developers with the data they need to bring their ideas to life. Our team lives by three central values that guide everything we do:

✨Ambition: we’re not afraid to tackle difficult challenges and set our goals extremely high. We’re on a mission to revolutionize an industry dominated by well-established companies, and we won’t stop until we succeed.

✨Humility: we leave our pride & ego aside. We are always ready to lend a helping hand, celebrate each other’s successes, and learn from our failures. As Mr. Lamar said, “Sit down. Be humble.”

✨Curiosity: we keep our minds open and never stop learning. We believe that questioning everything is the best way to stay ahead of the curve, and we encourage all our team members to stay curious and never stop exploring new ideas.

At Homa, you’ll be challenged, supported, and inspired every day, and we can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Perks & Benefits

While success is its own reward, here are some of the benefits that come with working at Homa:

  • We offer essential benefits in France and specific locations, including health insurance, meal vouchers, public transport subsidies, childcare benefits, and life insurance
  • If you’re interested in working from our newly renovated Paris HQ with a rooftop garden and WeWork amenities, we have a desk waiting for you
  • You will be working in English with our international team of top-tier talents from 35+ countries
  • You will be able to attend diverse team events and Workations (the famous company-wide Homa trip)
  • You will have bi-annual reviews with your manager to reflect on your performance, celebrate wins, and receive constructive feedback

Senior Product Designer

We are looking for someone who has Proven and demonstrable experience as a creative visual designer working on user experience problems and UI design for interactive digital experiences and experience working alongside an agile environment focusing on an iterative approach and working with Product Owners and Developers.


About the products:

Magnifi, is an AI-powered enterprise product that automatically detects key moments in video content, enabling real-time creation of highlights and short-form videos. With a global presence, Magnifi collaborates with various industries, including OTT platforms, sports broadcasters, and e-gaming platforms. Their vision is to empower users to create and share impactful stories across digital platforms with ease. Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, Magnifi’s leadership team is dedicated to leveraging AI for simplified video editing. The company has made notable acquisitions and received recognition for its contributions to the industry.


Roles and responsibilities:

  • Create and show solutions – Including prototypes, mockups, and other visual designs and user flows using tools such as Figma, Principle, Framer, Whiteboard
  • Communicate clearly – Present your work to the Product Team, Developers, and Stakeholders explaining your rationale and vision
  • Follow and validate standards – Prepare and maintain UI style guides, visual strategies, page layouts, processes, icons, and color palettes using component library files
  • Analyze and Improve – Work with and improve the user experience offered by providing wireframes and storyboards for UX improvements
  • Produce pixel-perfect design specifications for user interface elements and user experience processes that are validated through research and testing
  • Utilize data from end-user feedback, Google Analytics, business requirements, technical considerations, and context experts to deliver a user experience that surpasses expectations
  • Work closely with software engineers to ensure your designs are implemented and functionally complete to a high standard of polish and assist with usability testing
  • Working with an interdisciplinary team of developers and collaborating with the marketing team to create novel designs and solutions
  • Interpreting insights from end-user feedback and designing with the business in mind while still being innovative and delightful


Desired skills and experience:

  • Good to have some experience with building a video-based web application experience in tools such as Figma
  • Understanding of HTML/CSS
  • Attention to detail and understanding of what makes a good interactive experience for the end-user
  • Experience creating low/mid/high fidelity interactive prototypes
  • Proven communication skills with the ability to clearly articulate a problem space with verbal, written, and presentation skills to a variety of audiences and stakeholders.
  • Experience in user testing, usability testing, and working with user acceptance criteria and excellent proofreading skills.
  • Open to collaboration and ability to incorporate constructive feedback.
  • Experience in web and email design is good to have.
  • SaaS expertise.
  • A/B testing tools usage is an asset.


About Videoverse:

VideoVerse is an innovative and dynamic video technology company that serves as an umbrella brand for our powerful AI-based products; Magnifi & Illusto. We are an enthusiastic, passionate, fast-growing, diverse, and vibrant team that works with some of the biggest names in broadcasting (3 of the top 5 in India and growing quickly in Europe and the USA) and on some of the biggest sporting events in the world like the Indian Premier League (T20IPL), multiple European football leagues, and much more.

The company is at a stage of rapid growth and is actively hiring enthusiastic individuals who believe in making a difference and revolutionizing the way content is created, distributed, and consumed in the evolving video-centric world.

For more information, please click the links mentioned below:

Videoverse LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/videoverse/

Videoverse: https://vverse.ai/

Magnifi: https://magnifi.ai/

Senior Product Designer

Sticker Mule is the Internet’s most “kick ass” brand. We are privately-owned, highly profitable, and obsessive about building great experiences.


Job description

We are looking for an experienced product designer who loves simplicity. The ideal candidate will design engaging user experiences that are amazing to look at and easy to use.


Work performed

  1. Designs user experiences that are intuitive and delightful.
  2. Creates prototypes to explain user flows and interactions.
  3. Solves problems with simple, understandable solutions.
  4. Designs beautiful landing pages to support products and features.
  5. Produces strong visuals through color, type, and attention to detail.
  6. Favors consistency by reusing styles and components.
  7. Maintains our design principles, standards, and aesthetics.
  8. Works closely with engineers to facilitate implementation.
  9. Provides and receives great feedback.



  1. 4+ years experience in product / UX design.
  2. Expert level experience with Figma.
  3. An understanding of HTML and CSS.
  4. Exceptional visual design skills.
  5. Great writing skills.



  1. Salary: $135k+ based on experience
  2. $20k signing bonus
  3. Four weeks paid vacation + holidays based on your country of residence

Experienced UI/UX

Experienced Product Designer – B2C Sports App (over 10M users)

Note: For this position we are looking for Eastern Europe based UI/UX designer only, with at least 3 years of experience – preferably 5 and above.

About Us:

‘Contrast’ is a renowned UI/UX Design Agency, led by Sagi Shrieber – the first UI/UX Designer at Fiverr, who later has built and sold his startup to Similarweb and became the first designer at Similarweb.

We take pride in our advanced UI/UX frameworks that drive business results.

We work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, where innovation is encouraged and your growth is our priority.

About the Job:

We’re looking for a designer for a full time job with one of our most demanding clients: One of the worlds biggest b2c sports apps, that has web, tv, and Mobile apps, with over 10 Million users.

The designer would be client-facing, therefore would need to know how to speak English fluently and communicate his/her design flawlessly over zoom.

We need someone with STRONG work ethic. Willing to work fast, and present often.

The company moves fast, and are very demanding for high quality – yet fast – deliverables, and mockups of new concepts.




  • 3+ years of professional experience in UI/UX design.
  • Experience in B2C apps
  • Experience BOTH in Mobile AND Web apps.
  • Experience in TV and streaming apps is NOT a must but will be an advantage
  • Proficiency in English, with exceptional communication skills, to effectively articulate design concepts and solutions to team members and clients.
  • An intimate understanding of Figma, along with an awareness of its latest features and functionalities.
  • Demonstrable experience in building professional design systems and adhering to them.
  • Strong prototyping and mock-up skills, with the ability to quickly communicate designs to clients. Including prototype and (basically) animate their designs
  • The knack for working remotely and commitment to a full-time contractor role (5 days/week).


What’s on Offer:

  • Opportunity to work with a super experienced team, surrounded by talented designers who are leading in the field of UI/UX design.
  • Regular exposure to advanced frameworks that will expand your design toolkit and enhance your professional growth.
  • A supportive learning environment where you will be encouraged to master our frameworks and apply them to your design work.
  • Being part of a vibrant team that fosters a culture of creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Are you ready to elevate your career in UI/UX design and create a positive impact on digital experiences? Apply and share your portfolio that best showcases your UIUX capabilities.

We at Contrast are looking forward to making a difference together!

(Note: This is a fully remote position)

Senior Designer

Product Designer

We are looking for a Product Designer. We have an extension, a mobile app, and we are also going to develop a web app. We want to expand our current UI UX team and increase our productivity.

We are open to new designers who want to test their limits. We offer good compensation depending on the experience and the level of commitment.

There are two major prerequisites

1 To have good knowledge of English

2 To have excellent knowledge of Figma


To have experience in the web3 space