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Published 2023-05-11

Senior Executive Assistant to Cofounders

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: California
Company: Apex Growth

Description of the offer

About Us | ApexGrowth.co (Apex Growth) is a growth marketing agency.

We provide strategic consulting for technology companies poised for hyper-growth. We specialize in paid media, conversion rate optimization, management consulting, and custom marketing technology implementation.

Scalable growth requires an investment in engineering and data resources. In particular, we help businesses launch major programs with minimal headcount. Companies turn to us, their outsourced growth marketing team, to solve their most pressing issues related to growth.

Our team’s unmatched expertise in growth marketing, engineering, and product is our way of ensuring that our solutions outpace our clients’ internal abilities and provide exceptional value.

Role: Senior Executive Assistant to Cofounders

Location: Remote (US/Canada Based)

Employment: This is a 1099 /contract position

About the Role:

The Executive Assistant to the Founders is a key individual tasked with managing both tactical works to improve the day-to-day execution of Apex Growth’s founders and possessing big-picture thinking on how to improve the long-term efficiency of the leaders.

The ideal candidate is a strong networker, a natural leader, proactive, and has impeccable problem-solving skills. They are constantly looking at ways to leverage technology to improve their processes or reach out to their network to figure out how to solve a specific problem.

This individual will need to communicate with a range of different stakeholders in the professional and personal spaces, learn the Founder’s working styles and habits, and be effective at communicating priorities.

The Executive Assistant Will:

  • Proactively communicate priorities, help needed from stakeholders, and inbound requests with personal and professional stakeholders.

  • Manage scheduling and availability for Co-Founders.

  • Organize and prepare for meetings including gathering documentation and sending recaps.

  • Prioritize emails for Co-Founders and respond (ghostwrite) when appropriate.

  • Coordinate travel arrangements [lodging, flight, and transportation].

  • Handle personal tasks including, but limited to contract signature, warranty claims, appointments, bill payments, and groceries.

  • Improve the operational efficiency of co-founders, by proactively researching new tools and processes.


  • Remotely based in the United States or Canada

  • Detail-oriented: You get asked to find an eclectic restaurant in Berlin, Germany for an upcoming trip with clients. Rather than send over a list of 10 ideas, you look at past restaurants the Co-Founder has been to, find a list of restaurant reviewers in Berlin, then message on Instagram, and find out which new ones have a similar cuisine and Art Deco interior.

  • Ruthless prioritizer: 50 emails are waiting for the Co-Founder’s response and everyone has marked theirs as important. You on the fly built a prioritization matrix to rank order which ones need a response now, which ones you can tackle, and those that can be delayed.

  • Executive communicator: Summarizing a two-page set of tasks can be difficult, but you figured out how to in 5 bullets identify the areas that the Co-Founder needs to focus on (see Smart Brevity for more information)

  • Resourceful: Need to get two tickets to the Lakers game tonight, but they’re not available online? You scoured your network and found an employee at the Lakers to sell you two tickets for that evening.

  • Big Picture Thinking: In your free time you read about the 2023 company goals, competitors, and what other competitors are doing. You discover that podcasting is an emerging marketing trend, write up a 1-pager with costs, next steps, and how to carve out time in the Co-Founder’s schedule to tackle this new endeavor.

  • Technology Savvy: The team is still using Google Sheets to manage expenses. You think to yourself, “There has to be a better way”. You set up 5 calls with experienced accountants at leading tech companies, by contacting them on LinkedIn. After your research, you discover a new tool that will not only save time but improve visibility around cost management.

  • Discretion: The Co-Founder’s wife is about to have a child, but it hasn’t been announced to the company. You’re the executive assistant equivalent to Fort Knox, only revealing information once it’s the right time.

  • Situational Awareness: Do you notice that one of the Co-Founders tends to be slower to do strategic thinking on Fridays? Rather than schedule deep thought work on Friday, you budget time for Wednesday and move meetings around to enable them to spend deep thought work when they’re most productive.

  • Networking: You recognize you don’t have the answers to all problems. To combat that you’re always proactively networking with other Executive Assistants, Food Bloggers, Co-Founders, and Travel planners to expand your network of resources.

What Apex Growth offers:

  • A great flexible remote work environment—equal parts laid-back startup and motivated meritocracy

  • Daily opportunities to grow your technical skills and capabilities & professional development opportunities within the organization

  • A highly accomplished executive team with a plan to scale Apex Growth, that works with you to become a major player in the growth marketing agency space

  • A competitive salary and bonus structure

  • 401(k) with company matching

  • Generous (and by generous we mean unlimited) PTO

  • Paid Vacation, Paid Bereavement, and Paid Family Leave

  • Full Health Benefits (Dental, Vision, Wellness)

  • Oculus 2 Headset for company-sponsored monthly team socials

  • Learning and career development program

These benefits are applicable to Apex Growth, US and CA based, full-time employees only. 1099/Contract Providers are ineligible for these benefits.

Still wondering why you should consider joining the Apex Growth team? Hear from Apex Growth Co-founders David Mausolf and Dave Riggs talk about what sets us apart.

Why join the team at Apex Growth?

How to apply?

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