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Published 2023-06-25

Product Designer

Type of job: Remote
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Company: zeroheight

Description of the offer

£55 – 75k + stock options

We’re looking for a Product Designer based in the UK who’s excited to design and build a world-class DesignOps product.

We are a “remote-first” company and there’s no requirement for anyone to come into the zeroheight office on a regular basis – more details on what remote-first looks like

About zeroheight

We’re building the world’s UX infrastructure and lowering the barrier to creating great user experiences by enabling any company in the world to have a sophisticated design system. We’re allowing companies to design and develop user experiences in a much more systematic way and deliver high quality UX 10x faster.

We’ve built a design system documentation product that people love, and thanks to this we’ve grown through word-of-mouth to 1600+ customers including multiple Fortune 100s. We’re the market leader in our category, doubled our team in 2022 and have the backing of world-class investors like Tribe Capital, Y Combinator and Adobe. But design system documentation is just the beginning… we’re now perfectly positioned to become the leader in DesignOps and transform how products are built

You can learn more on our About us page.

Why should you join?

  • zeroheight is working on design tools. This means you’ll be helping to build a product you’d actually want to use! Many of our users are designers themselves and (as you’ll know) they’re a friendly bunch.
  • We’re a small company and that means there are lots of opportunities to help out with all manner of things outside your normal role (such as strategy or product management). This is great if you’re looking to expand your skills and get startup experience.
  • You’ll be the 5th person in the design team and therefore play a big part in building the future culture and practices. zeroheight has been design-led since our founding (we are building design tools after all!) giving design a seat at the table in everything we do.
  • The role comes with equity to provide ownership and the ability to grow with the company.

Your impact

Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that users understand how to use the product, but you’ll be working collaboratively with the product team throughout all stages (discovery → delivery → iteration). Design is critical to zeroheight so you’ll be expected to contribute to good processes and be continuously raising the bar.

The product team’s goal is to solve user’s problems in ways they love and that work for the business. At zeroheight, we’re working to build empowered product teams. This means teams are given problems to solve and then are empowered to solve them. Instead of focusing on output (design work / features), we want to focus on outcome (business results). We’re not pretending to be 100% of the way there with this model but we’re on the road. We believe everyone makes better products when they’re empowered.

You’ll use the following tools / methods:

  • Prototyping – you’ll use prototypes as a canvas to communicate ideas both internally and externally
  • User testing – you’ll be in constant weekly contact with users: validating and refining ideas, listening to feedback and testing value
  • UX – you’ll consider the experience as a whole to ensure that users can actually realise the value we’re providing. This will involve thinking about the emotional, social and functional uses of the product, the onboarding, how users share their experience with others and much more.
  • Design systems – we’re a design system company so….. we do indeed have a design system ourselves! You’ll be part of adding to it and improving the documentation.
  • Figma – we use Figma for designing and prototyping, as well as a team whiteboard in these remote times.
  • Document everything! – we use Notion for our process documentation and try our hardest to answer every question with a link. This means we have a great knowledge-base that we’re constantly improving.

Are we a good match?

If you tick most of the boxes below, let’s talk!

  • You’re looking for a serious relationship – You’re really excited about DesignOps and Design Systems. You want to get stuck in and work somewhere long enough to have a real impact. You’re super passionate about what you do and not afraid of owning your work – for better or for worse – and taking on more responsibility as the company grows.
  • 3+ years experience as a UI / UX designer – You’re resourceful, knowing when to innovate and when to use existing solutions. You’re self-assured enough in your abilities to handle critical feedback well. You have some experience under your belt in a variety of team settings working on “real life” products and talking to users. You’ve used a variety of different design tools and aren’t afraid to learn new ones.
  • You’re ready for what a startup may bring – you love trying out a bit of everything and acquiring new skills. While startups can be a little chaotic, you appreciate them as a unique place to learn quickly through real-world problems.
  • You’re user-centric – everything is about solving the user’s problems. Once you’ve learned as much as possible from the users themselves, you use a blend of UX knowledge and an understanding of human behaviour to find solutions.
  • Remote-first – you’re able to come to our London office at least once every quarter


See Perks


  1. Apply
  2. We’ll look at your portfolio, judging the following areas:
    • A clear problem definition based on a research process
    • How you worked with others / what your role was
    • UX / interaction design
    • UI / visual design

    If you feel you’re missing any areas, let us know and explain why

  3. Hello (45m, video call)
  4. Portfolio review (1h, video call)
  5. Problem solving exercise (1h, video call)
  6. Founder interview (1h, video call)
  7. We make a decision quickly and let you know

Further details on the interview process can be found here

DEI statement

At zeroheight we live and breathe our values, building an inclusive and diverse team is what makes us great. We are proud of the culture we’ve created and by embracing individuality we continue to add to our culture.

We look to hire the best, give an amazing experience throughout and we don’t discriminate against who or what you are. Our employees are encouraged to be their authentic selves, allowing us to celebrate our differences and learn from one another. All we ask is that you be yourself, love what you do and give 100%.

Take a look at our current DEI stats here.

About us

Find out more about our team and company perks here 🙂

How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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