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Published 2022-12-03

Remote SAT Prep Tutor

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: Salt Lake City
Address: Utah
Company: Higher Ground Learning
Company website:

Description of the offer

The SAT is the main exam required by the majority of American universities to be considered for admission. The better a student’s score, the better a students chance of acceptance to selective universities. Higher Ground Learning teaches in-person SAT prep classes at international secondary schools to help students without access to good preparation options get ready for this test. It’s also quite common for these international students to come to us for one-on-one tutoring, which typically happens live online.
This job is mostly one-on-one remote tutoring, but it is required that you’re able to teach on-site for at least 6 weeks per year. Our onsite classes mostly take place in Europe, Central America, and South America, but are also offered in Africa and Asia.
Here’s how it works:
  • You’ll spend some time training and learning our methodology with our Directors. These trainings are typically live remote online trainings, but you may have the opportunity to join one of our in-person trainings in Salt Lake City, USA too.
  • After your training, you’ll set your own hours that you’re available to tutor, and we’ll fill those hours for you.
  • We’ll provide you with all the materials and support that you (and your students) need to be successful.
  • The busiest seasons are February-June & September-November, but its possible to work all year.
  • For in-person classes, we’ll fly you to a location, put you up in a mediumly cool apartment, and give you enough money for food and expenses. You’ll teach two consecutive weekends with a break during the week to explore your cool new location.
  • Pay starts at $30/hour for remote tutoring and $80/hour for in-person teaching, depending on experience.
About you:
  • You scored above the 90th percentile on the SAT or ACT. Or maybe you didn’t, but you’re sure you can now (warning: we’ll make you prove it).
  • You have a dynamic personality, including such qualities as humor, cultural awareness, integrity, humor, patience, motivation, humor, awesomeness, attention to detail (how many times did we say humor?), and problem-solving skills.
  • You’re a bit of a performer and you can command the attention of large, talkative groups of students.
  • You can teach. Specifically, you can teach standardized tests with an approach that is anything but standard.
  • Youre available to tutor remotely at least 8 hours per week. It’s possible to tutor much more, and students come to us from a wide range of time zones.
  • Again, you’ll need to be able to teach in-person at least 6 weeks per year.
  • Did you go to a prestigious university? Cool. A lot of parents care about that sort of thing.
  • You are legally authorized to work in the U.S.A. Sorry, but we can’t be too flexible with this one.
“Hey, wait.” you say. “When does this job start?” Astute question. You really should apply for this job.
Training is in January and work starts in February.
To Sum up:
This is a mostly remote working opportunity that is available to applicants who are legally allowed to work in the United States. 
Please submit a resume and a short, memorable note about you and why you want to work with us (addressed to Jason at Higher Ground Learning), using the ‘Apply Now’ button below. Ideally, this note will be the kind that would feel like a breath of fresh air after reading boring cover letters. Please do not use a cover letter template or say that you’re passionate about something that you’re not truly passionate about (like “excellence”).
Also, if it’s not too much trouble, please tactfully point out the three apostrophe errors in this job posting. If you want to share a humorous anecdote about something that happened to you while travelling, we might enjoy that too.

How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
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