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Published 2022-12-10

Customer Support Representative

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: Austin, Texas
Company: Growth Cave
Company website:

Description of the offer

Mission For Client Support Specialist

To provide an incredible customer experience to clients by…

  • Onboarding, coaching, and holding clients accountable to their action items & goals
  • Handling any feedback, complaints, disputes, or refund requests with tact and understanding

Priorities, Responsibilities & KPIs:

Note: While the satisfaction and success of our clients is ultimately our highest priority, the following priorities will help assure that the company remains financially strong and stable so that we are able to focus on our clients development.

  • Contracts Being Signed
  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Preventing & Resolving Refund/Cancelation Requests
  • Recovering Defaulted Payments
  • Moving Clients Through The Training To Each Milestone
  • Providing Marketing & Sales Coaching To Clients
  • Receiving Testimonials From Clients
  • Keeping Asana Organized & Up-To-Date
  • Reporting Daily Metrics In Slack

3% Refund Rate
80% Payment Plan Collection Rate
80% First Week Activation Rate

Daily execution of team & administrative tasks

Morning Check-In:
Attend weekly check-in meeting via Zoom (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 10am EST).
Know your numbers at the beginning of every meeting (actual numbers, projections, and if you’re on pace)
Have 2-3 clients wins you want to share
Be proactive with asking questions and getting help with what you’re experiencing on the calls and any reason why you aren’t hitting your numbers.

End Of Day:
Send in your “end of day report”
Update your personal projections & numbers sheet
Update Asana
Make sure all clients are in the right stage
Follow-up tasks are created for all “red flag” clients who need anything
Confirm tomorrow’s onboarding appointments
Prepare for tomorrow’s check-in meeting.

Position Description:

You will have the freedom to make your own schedule. That said, you will be expected to open enough calendar space to be available & responsive to clients for a minimum of 40 hours per week.
You will also be expected to complete your morning & end of day tasks (see above) every day, Monday-Friday.
You will also be expected to be available to communicate through Slack 9am-6pm EST daily.
You will be expected to respond to client’s questions in a timely manner, within 2 hours during business hours
Altogether this is a full time, 30-40 hours / wk position.
This position is remote. So you will have the freedom to work from anywhere.
You may request time off anytime with 2 weeks advance notice.

Ramp Up / Onboarding
7 Days Before Starting
Go through the first 3 modules of our “Knowledge Business Accelerator” program
Listen through as many onboarding calls as possible
Review as many “Loom feedback” videos as possible
Immerse yourself in our client group chats to fully understand our customers/the offer/our coaching process
First 30 Days – Start Taking Coaching/Onboarding
Do you know the “red flags” to look for in new clients?
Are you coaching clients on the process we explain in the course?
Take as many clients as possible from here on out to ramp ASAP
On-Going Training
Call Reviews With Us
Daily Coaching Meeting

If you are interested, please watch through this video: https://go.growthcave.com/kba-vsl before applying


People skills:

You’re going to be talking with people all day. Being a natural rapport builder is going to hedge your bets of success (this DOESN’T mean you have to be an extrovert).

You must always lead prospects to the best decision for them EVEN IF that decision is outside of their comfort zone. Take a stand for what’s BEST for people.

Attention To Detail:
You will be tasked with staying up to date with your numbers and CRM activities. This is secondary to HITTING your numbers, but still important.

High Standards:
You’re tasked with helping prospects live up to their highest standards. Therefore, YOU must live up to our own high standards.

You’ll be having crucial conversations on a daily basis which – a lot of times – can be life changing conversations for the prospect. You must be calm under pressure and hold firm to help the prospect make the best decision for them.


  • Training & Development
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Work From Home
  • Wellness Resources


How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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