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Published 2024-02-07

Animator for Social Media Cartoon Shorts

Type of job: Remote
Country: Worldwide
City: Anywhere
Company: MicDrop Media & Marketing

Description of the offer

Task: Our client is looking for an animator/motion designer to create a series of five video shorts (less than 1-2 minutes long). Scripts and voiceovers will be provided.

Aesthetic: The aesthetic we are going for is “bad animation”, with a similar feel to @itslennnie and @coolman (although we’re open to give animators creative liberty as well). While characters can be ‘ugly’ they should be personable, with enough movement to show a full range of facial expressions and body gesturing.

Concept: Videos will be centred on two characters that discuss mental wellness in an adorable way:

  • Catty: the uncool caterpillar. She is our ‘not-yet-a-butterfly’ hero that our target audience can relate with
  • Ella: the positive and empathetic elephant. She’s the voice of reason [acting as a mother/therapist/mentor type character for Catty].

Target audience: all ages and genders struggling with mental or emotional issues.

Rate: $10,000 USD for series of five reels (1-2 min each) including rounds of feedback.

***Please Note: The topics of the videos will be centred on mental wellness. Ideally, we would work with an animator who is genuinely passionate about emotional health-related topics as well.

How to apply?

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