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Published 2023-12-27

Shopify Ecommerce Full Stack Developer

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Company: LUS Brands

Description of the offer

LUS Brands (“Love Ur Self”) is a Toronto-based DTC (direct-to-consumer) hair care brand that’s backed by Y Combinator, Sound Ventures, Comcast and other notable VCs and angel investors.

Since launching in 2017, we have shipped over 6 million bottles of our innovative hair care products to consumers with curly hair worldwide and earned thousands of 5-star reviews. Our mission is as simple as the products we create: to encourage people to genuinely love and accept themselves so that their unique beauty can shine through.

To learn more, visit lusbrands.com

About the role

As a part of our web development team, you will be responsible for both front-end and back-end development of Shopify applications. You will create user interfaces on the front end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring a responsive and visually appealing design. On the back end, you will manage server-side logic, handle database interactions, and ensure the application’s overall functionality, security, and scalability.

Business operates in Eastern Standard Time.


Front-end Development:

  • Design, create and optimize front-end code of our multiple Shopify-based websites to meet the design and functionality requirements
  • Implement responsive and user-friendly front-end interfaces using web technologies like HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Back-end Development:

  • Integrate and customize Shopify apps to add specific functionalities to the back-end code of our online store.
  • Use server-side languages to implement custom functionality and handle data processing on the server.
  • Innovate and develop custom-made apps to provide cost-efficient alternatives to costly apps.
  • Own data structure and implement 3rd party integration (pixels, connectors, EDI, etc.)

E-commerce Functionality:

  • Implement and manage product catalogues
  • Develop and optimize the shopping cart and checkout processes for a smooth customer experience.
  • Integrate payment gateways securely to process transactions and protect customer data
  • Create a standing feedback loop that includes input from customer service, acquisition and retention functions to map out customers’ needs and help decide the priority of development of the different features.
  • Analyze and integrate proper solutions to optimize our Shopify stores and elevate their level above the average performance of Shopify-hosted websites (site speed, SEO best practices, clean code redundancies, etc.)

Performance Optimization:

  • Optimize website performance for faster loading times
  • Ensure the website can handle increased traffic and data as the business grows
  • Deep understanding of advanced e-commerce advertising concepts such as server-side tracking
  • Leverage modern tools and techniques to develop clean, efficient and reusable code

Customization and Theming:

  • Implement custom features and functionalities tailored to the specific needs of the business.
  • Customize and style the website theme to align with the brand identity.
  • Partner with UX/UI designers to implement design elements and ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

Quality Assurance (QA):

  • Conduct thorough website testing to identify and fix bugs, ensuring a seamless and error-free user experience.
  • Ensure the website functions correctly across different web browsers.
  • Communicate with cross-functional teams to understand requirements and provide updates on progress.
  • Keep the website and any integrated apps up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Document code to facilitate future maintenance and collaboration with other developers.
  • Please keep updating with the latest trends, tools, and updates in Shopify and e-commerce development.


  • Diploma in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
  • Five-plus years of relevant work experience
  • Strong proficiency in Shopify front-end and back-end development, including theme customization, app integration, and use of the Liquid templating language.
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery – Ajax – Bootstrap – AngularJS – Liquid – – Python – React – UX Design – – SDKs – APIs – Node.js, REST.for creating responsive and interactive user interfaces.
  • Understanding of databases and how to manage data within an e-commerce context.
  • Familiarity with e-commerce concepts, such as: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), product management, shopping carts, and payment gateways.
  • Strong coding and scripting skills, with an emphasis on clean, efficient, and maintainable code.
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills to translate highly technical terminology into easy-to-understand, digestible summaries for key stakeholders and executives.
  • Experience with testing frameworks and a commitment to thorough testing and debugging practices to ensure high-quality code.
  • A willingness to stay updated on the latest technologies, tools, and trends in e-commerce and web development.
  • A keen eye for detail to ensure that the implemented design matches the provided specifications accurately.
  • Ability to manage time effectively, meet deadlines, and prioritize tasks in a dynamic and remote work environment.

How to apply?

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