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Published 2023-05-31

SEO Strategist

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: Seattle, WA
Company: Loganix

Description of the offer

Want to join a team where your work and your opinions are valued?

Are you a self-starting, detail-oriented, tech-savvy person passionate about digital marketing, SEO, and the challenging, always-changing world of SEO?

Do your friends make fun of how organized you are? Do you enjoy spreadsheets, tracking results, and iterating to improve?

Do you understand and appreciate the nuances of SEO across different niches and business types (local biz, e-commerce, etc.).

Are you results-oriented and always eager to figure out to do a thing faster and more cost-effective?

Do you love finding new shortcuts in G Suite, WordPress, and Zapier?
Are you early to new technologies such as ChatGPT?

Then consider this full-time role at Loganix! Founded in 2010, we’re a premium digital marketing provider to marketing agencies and in-house teams specializing in SEO.

What You’ll Experience

You’ll work autonomously, creating your day, week, and monthly projects and tasks. In this role, you are trusted to know what you are doing and will only be asked to check in against KPI (key performance Indicators) to ensure you are on track.

As a small company, there’s a lot of variety—but also a range of recurring tasks that you can predict each day, week, and month. In a typical week, you might:

  • Conduct site audits, keyword research, technical website analysis (through an SEO lens), content briefs and strategies, and more.
  • Provide SEO strategy, addressing technical issues for websites with 15-1,000 pages.
  • Present audits and other SEO work to other SEOs, senior management, and more, both externally and internally.
  • Make an upsell if the opportunity arises and feel confident doing so.
  • Be on the front lines when a client has a question, concern, or complaint.
    When required, complete basic on-site optimizations on popular CMSs.
  • Differentiate between a quality link and a low-quality link.
  • Complete a link audit, and provide recommendations to recover from penalty or otherwise.
  • Provide training and mentorship to 1 or more other SEOs.
    Provide daily updates (3×3) to team members in Slack.
This position favors the unique individual that is both able to be a focused workhorse and, on a dime, be a boisterous social butterfly. While most of our work is concentrated on SMBs, you’ll also be working with, or have team members working with, clients like HubSpot, Kraken, or NETGEAR. Not only are we the agency that agencies come to for scale and support, but big in-house teams also benefit from our talents. We’re a small team that punches above their weight class, and we’re searching for more people like us.

What to Expect

Does this sound like you? Please apply! A strong candidate will have years of experience building and delivering SEO strategies for various businesses. They will have worked with small and large companies. Succeeded in ranking e-commerce, local and other types of businesses.

The role is 70-80% execution and 20-30% communication. You’ll see the positive impact of your work every day.

The schedule is relatively flexible; daily and weekly assignments are managed through Asana, plus quick-turnaround requests via Slack.

Reliable high-speed internet access computer is a must-have, as is fluency in English and availability for scheduled virtual meetings and “ad hoc” calls between 9am-5pm PST (M-F).

What We Do

We help agencies and in-house teams deliver better, more scalable SEO and PPC solutions for their customers and teams. We do this by individually packaging up pieces of the SEO process and making them available at agency-friendly pricing in our dashboard. If all you need is content, we can do that. Links, we can do that too. It’s a la carte unless additional support is required, wherein we would take on the strategy, management, and fulfillment. Similarly, but also differently, we provide these same solutions along with strategy, management, and on-site implementation to agencies lacking in talent and resources.

Clients worldwide report that we’ve helped amplify their effectiveness while reducing stress, helping them build a more sustainable business to support their families, their employees, and their community.

Want to Apply?

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. We are most decidedly an equal opportunity employer: we want applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, veteran status, age, or sexual orientation.

Here’s an overview of the recruitment process:

We will ask you to complete a simple and quick SEO test. This way, we can learn if you’re a fit quickly without taking up much of your time. If things seem promising, we’ll send you a calendar link to set up a video call.

You’ll do a video interview with Aaron, one of our owners. We’ll review the role, role ramp-up plan, and cover off some FAQs.

We’ll check references—preferably people who’ve managed you and/or clients you’ve delivered results for.

We’ll make an offer and finalize the details. We’ll agree on a start date.
You’ll join the team!
To get started, please email your resume.


How to apply?

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