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Published 2023-02-20

Digital Marketing Strategist

Type of job: Remote
Country: Worldwide
City: Anywhere
Company: Teraflow

Description of the offer

Digital Marketing Strategist 


Teraflow is looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist who is responsible for the development and implementation of effective digital marketing campaigns.  The outcome of this role is to drive business growth through lead generation and increase brand awareness with unique (and compelling) storytelling.

We could list all of the skills that you require, your ongoing responsibilities, the channels to use for targeting potential customers, etc.

But you know your own skill, worth and ability to deliver.

More specifically, on the following key outcomes:

  1. Driving business growth through consistent lead generation.

  2. Increasing brand awareness through storytelling by using our rebel brand archetype positioning.

Why should you apply? 

We are working on the assumption that you’re an A-Player in your field. So we’re offering you something a bit different.

Our internal brand mission is to Leverage Yourself. And we have created a working environment that is designed to do just this:

(*Leverage means moving from a 1:1 output to a 1:N, where N is exponential)

  1. We have a decentralised business model that gives you the freedom, autonomy and responsibility to do great things in the tech space.

  2. Our culture is built on a set of principles that puts staff before customers, with a healthy obsession for creating real customer value.

  3. We have a mentorship-over-management approach which empowers you to make important decisions with the right support.

  4. Your career path should be determined by you, not us. Teraflow’s role is to support you in your journey, so we’ve flipped the traditional HR model to a self-determined performance approach. The more you learn to leverage yourself, the faster you grow.

  5. We are a remote-first business with head offices in London, Johannesburg, and Cape Town offices.

In case you are wondering, here is what we do at Teraflow: 

We are a Data / Machine Learning Engineering consultancy that specialises in making AI work for our clients.

Our brand promise: We Deliver.

We deliver consistently; every two weeks, through self-managed, agile squads. Using our FloJo (our delivery Mojo) and our way of working, we’ve been able to differentiate ourselves in the market.

We work across a variety of global industries, where:

  • Our Data engineers fix the big data sprawl problem;

  • Our Machine Learning engineers productionise and optimise ML models;

  • Our Cloud Architects scale ML through the use of Cloud and Hybrid computing (GCP, AWS & Azure certified);

  • Our DevOps Engineers expose ML models through microservice-driven APIs.

If you feel there is a strong match between us, let’s have a chat!

How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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