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Published 2023-12-18

Chief of Growth and Operations | COO

Type of job: Remote
Country: United Kingdom
City: Remote in U.K.
Company: Remotivate LLC

Description of the offer

Hello, Chief Operations Officers!

My name is Iskander and I am the Founder at Blue Brands – We are a fast-growing e-commerce company specializing in innovative solutions. Our leading brands, Zura and Pluxy, cater to niche markets with Zura offering specialized airway muscle trainers for those with sleep apnea, and Pluxy providing premium epilators and related products. Additionally, we are gearing up to introduce new groundbreaking brands to our lineup.

We are looking to hire a motivated Chief Operations Officer who values the contributions of others and approaches tasks with a listening ear, recognizing that collective insights often lead to the best outcomes. The leader we are looking for possesses a knack for seeing the bigger picture and anticipating long-term outcomes while making informed decisions. Our ideal leader is not just a master strategist but also an effective executor, ensuring that plans translate into tangible results.


This is a full-time remote position.

Salary 100k-200k USD

DIRECT LINK: https://remotivatejobs.com/q/?pos=251


We are looking for a Chief Operations Officer specifically with these requirements:

  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
  • Has at least 3+ years of COO or similar operational leadership experience
  • Has at least 3+ years of Ecommerce experience ( D2C)
  • Must have experience scaling at least one e-commerce brand in the health and/or beauty niche (from the $10 million mark to over $50 million)
  • Experience working with a brand(s) that have grown through Direct Response Marketing (so you know and are familiar with the channels we should leverage to maximize growth)
  • Has at least 2+ years of proven remote work experience
  • Has the ability to juggle different roles, from strategic planning to hiring the right personnel for specific tasks, such as bookkeeping.
  • Proven experience in handling and nurturing partnerships, ensuring both sides derive maximum value.


Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Inventory & Logistics:
    • Oversee and collaborate with the Inventory Manager, ensuring efficient and accurate inventory management.
    • Review and approve or modify plans suggested by the Inventory Manager, based on expected demand and available capital.
    • Lead the expansion into new logistics partnerships, especially in the AU & UK, aiming to optimize shipping costs and improve delivery times.
    • Continually identify areas for operational improvement in inventory and logistics, implementing initiatives that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Finances:
    • Seek and apply for additional capital as needed to support scaling efforts, ensuring all decisions in this area are discussed and approved by the CEO.
    • Lead the hiring process for a bookkeeper, ensuring a seamless transition from the current AI-based system.
    • Oversee bookkeeping, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and compliance.
    • Ensure that all company taxes are properly managed, filed, and in order.
  • HR/Payroll:
    • Oversee and manage all HR-related activities, ensuring compliance and optimal employee satisfaction.
    • Handle payroll responsibilities, seeking opportunities to automate and optimize where possible.
    • Drive talent acquisition, retention, and development strategies in line with company growth.
  • Customer Support:
    • Directly manage the Customer Support managers, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Continually review and enhance customer support strategies, ensuring alignment with brand values and business goals.
  • Product Development:
    • Collaborate closely with agents and suppliers during the product development process, ensuring timely and efficient progress.
    • Engage with legal teams as required, ensuring all product-related compliances are met.
    • Oversee the testing phases of product versions, ensuring quality and alignment with brand standards.
    • Coordinate with team members responsible for sourcing new products, such as the skincare range, ensuring progress and alignment with business objectives.
  • Partnerships:
    • Manage the affiliate network partnership, ensuring optimal performance and mutual benefit.
    • Conduct regular bi-weekly meetings with affiliate partners, ensuring all their requirements are met and any challenges are addressed promptly.
    • Coordinate with internal teams, like Customer Support and Inventory Management, to ensure seamless operations with affiliate partners.
  • Retail:
    • Spearhead the company’s foray into retail, understanding that this is a new venture for the company and will require strategic planning and execution.
  • Marketing Support:
    • Collaborate closely with the Scrum Master responsible for the marketing team, ensuring effective communication and alignment.
    • Provide necessary support to the marketing team, aiding in improving team performance and ensuring all operational needs are met.
  • Growth Initiatives:
    • Be proactive in identifying and driving new growth opportunities for the company beyond the current channels and strategies.


Growth Opportunities/Perks:

  • Paid Training
  • Paid Vacation Days
  • Comprehensive Sick Leave
  • Medical Insurance
  • Co-working Space Subscription
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Fully remote
  • Parental Leave


This Position Is Perfect For You If…

You’re a Great Leader.
Built on integrity and honesty, you build the best teams, you’re someone the whole team looks up to as a leader & coach. You bring your whole personality to work and are willing to engage on a personal level. You put your whole heart into your work and uplift those around you.

You’re a Self-Starter.

We’re looking for someone who gets the job done and delivers on time. Ideally, you are self-directed, and self-motivated, and don’t need someone to look over your shoulder or hold your hand. You have the ability to motivate yourself and also motivate a team in a positive way to get results.

You’re highly Organized.
You are organized enough to ensure you’re on top of your own goals and responsibilities. You bring your whole personality to work and are willing to engage on a personal level. You put your whole heart into your work and uplift those around you.

What we do:

Please check us out to get an understanding of a few of the exciting brands you’ll be involved with


Our hiring process is made up of five parts, so please be aware that you will need to dedicate time for a questionnaire, a video, two 1-on-1 interviews and a test project.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this position. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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