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Published 2023-02-11

Web3 DevOps Engineer

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: New York
Company: Exclusible

Description of the offer

Unlocking the Power of Web3 and Metaverse.

Exclusible empowers brands and communities and enhances life experiences by extending the horizon of possibilities. We turn simple engagement into long-lasting commitment, loyalty programs into long-term reward plans, membership models into a sense of belonging, and all to make the change from being a top-of-mind to a part-of-life company.

To us, tokens are more than digital currencies and unique collectibles: they’re bridges and access keys to a new virtual lifestyle, as real as the physical one. When it comes to the Metaverse, we go beyond the design of surreal places and properties: we create unforgettable moments in life, define limitless horizons to tend towards, give you the emotion of being all-ways connected to a new fun-tactical reality.

We’re the tech atelier of digital creative excellence, for a new kind of unforgettable living experiences.

Exclusible’s Vision

Exclusible’s purpose is building and developing a new and culturally-relevant web: accessible to all, unlimited in its possibilities, and made beautiful and meaningful through unforgettable moments. We enable brands to tap into its endless opportunities and usher them into Gen Z and Alpha’s playground for renewed and memorable emotions.

Exclusible empowers individuals and our community through relevant interactions and experiences, and we constantly push the limits to make the Metaverse an ever more inspiring and engaging place. We dare to make visions happen and set new paradigms to build and live in borderless storyworlds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be at the driver’s seat of the web3 [r]evolution, by always diversifying and adapting our value proposition promptly, even through the anticipation of times and market trends. Bringing the next million people into the space, connecting high-end brands with their new “metacommunity”, while expanding our business from NFT drops to token-gated, Metaverse experiences and [branded] product suites, is our main mission and masterplan.

We are looking for talented and motivated people who are willing to support the company structure for growth and success while keeping growing their own skills.

The Web3 DevOps Engineer will be part of the Engineering Team.


  • Participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from design and delivery to on-going critical support.
  • Support, Develop and Improve the environments and infrastructure
  • Work to continually improve product functionality and quality.
  • Provide input into architecture and engineering standards.
  • Develop software design, QA, and architecture patterns and standards.
  • Coordinate and assist in complex troubleshooting.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • At least 5+ years experience in DevOps, systems infrastructure, security, and/or reliability engineering.
  • At least 2+ years of experience with web3 infrastructure (RPC nodes, testnet Chain spin for QA, smart contract deployments)
  • Being able to manage infrastructure across multiple blockchains will be a key to our success.
  • Full understanding of blockchain infrastructure management (nodes, etc.).
  • Experience working with automation tools like Docker and Terraform.
  • Experience managing cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services with automation tools such as AWS CloudFormation, ECS, Load-balancing, Terraform, Ansible, Helm, Puppet, or similar.
  • You have experience with asynchronous communication.
  • You are ideally familiar with agile methodologies, e.g. SCRUM or KANBAN.
  • You love to get things done and are goal oriented.
  • Design and business acumen: You understand requirements, whether you’re working on an API used by other developers, an internal tool consumed by our operation teams, or a feature used by millions of customers, your attention to details leads to a delightful user experience. You’re also comfortable driving development from a sketch to a polished product.
  • You are adept at communicating and collaborating effectively with others, promoting your ideas as well as being humble when you may be wrong.
  • You are excited to learn from and teach others.
  • You are passionate about the blockchain philosophy and understanding of the DeFi landscape.
  • You enjoy getting involved with every stage of the software development lifecycle.
  • You have previous experience working in a Test Driven environment and understand the benefits.
  • You are comfortable with pair programming and working in a trunk-based development. environment; practicing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • You see the value in developers owning production software and view failure as a chance to learn.
  • Fluency in English is mandatory, fluency in Portuguese and/or French is a plus.
  • Exclusible is a start-up so the ideal candidate must be adaptable to start-up environments, with a roll-up your sleeves mentality. Team spirit, a positive attitude, and seeing solutions rather than problems are a must!

How to apply?

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