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Legit high paying remote jobs 

Remote work today can include a variety of jobs that we would undoubtedly have had a hard time imagining in the fairly recent past. Not only that, but many of these remote jobs provide economic remuneration that is sometimes even higher than many of the conventional jobs that are done in person.

The important thing will be to be well oriented in relation to the pros and cons that working from home can bring us, and for that we bring you this list of legit high paying remote jobs among which your interest could be triggered.

Fortunately, there are more and more things that can be done from home, allowing us to gain more time with our loved ones and even saving on certain expenses. Here’s a selection of five of the highest-paying remote jobs in 2024.

Medical Director Salary

This is undoubtedly a job whose place is achieved over time and gaining good professional experience through a solid career, but there is no doubt that the Medical Director is one of the best paying remote jobs due to its combined degrees of responsibility with its academic knowledge. A Medical Director is a health professional who occupies a leadership and supervisory position in a health care organization, that is, he or she is not only a doctor like any other, but is also responsible for managing entire medical work groups well suited to the particular profile of the institution where he or she works.

This job requires not only a professional degree and license as for medical activity, but is usually complemented with some type of additional education for health administration. The most common responsibilities range from clinical supervision of their teams and the development of protocols, to resource and budget management to public representation of the medical institution.

Therefore, this type of doctor should have a professional profile that stands out for his leadership and management skills, his effective communication, his problem solving and his ability for strategic thinking. All of which places this profession as one of the best paid in the world of remote work, with an annualized salary that varies from $100,000 minimum to $288,000 maximum.

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Product Designer

A Product Designer is dedicated to the design and development of products, ranging from initial conception to final implementation. As you can see, its field of activity is broad enough so that there is not only one professional path when it comes to fulfilling this role. Their activity requires, however, an academic requirement generally in the field of design, such as a bachelor’s degree in graphic or industrial design or even in the new world of UX (user experience), but the best suitability of each professional profile can be several depending on the characteristics of the same project, so, of course, the most precise design will depend a lot on the type of product the company is actually working on.

Some of the most common responsibilities of a Product Design can range from researching user profiles, to designing attractive and functional user interfaces that facilitate a positive experience, to managing the product life cycle.

Ultimately, this is a type of activity that knows how to creatively adapt to dynamic processes that usually require multidisciplinary coordination and the solution of all types of problems. All characteristics that place it as one of the best-paying remote jobs with an average annualized salary of around $116,800.

Remote Nurse Practitioner Salary

A remote nurse practitioner is a nurse with advanced training who has greater capabilities when carrying out his or her work, and in some cases can even replace the doctor when it comes to diagnosing certain diseases, prescribing medications and developing treatment plans. In the case of virtual nursing, the nurse practitioner is authorized to perform some of these healthcare tasks remotely, typically through telecommunications technologies such as video calls, online chats, and telephones.

Some of their tasks will range from the management of treatments, counseling patients, or the correct maintenance of each medical history. Due to its great autonomy, this activity, similar to that of a doctor, can specialize in various branches of medicine such as cardiology, pediatrics, primary care, geriatrics and many more.

Their necessary skills are of great importance, since they articulate medicinal knowledge with the great capacity for patient-oriented attention, so particular to this role. Therefore, a good Nurse Practitioner, even the one working remotely, must have an exceptional ability to communicate with patients, added to a special critical capacity to evaluate clinical situations and even the necessary technological knowledge to adapt to changing teleworking platforms in the healthcare world.

All of this makes up one of the best paid professions virtually, since salaries for nurse practitioners nowadays have a salary that ranges between $90,000 to $120,000 annually.

Speech-Language Pathologist

A Speech-Language Pathologist is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders related to speech, language, communication, swallowing and other speech-related cognitive functions. Its main objective is to improve communication, which is why it works with a whole series of physical and motor problems that affect all ages. These medical problems vary from articulation difficulties, delays in speech and language development, speech disorders such as stuttering, swallowing problems or poor development due to autism.

This activity can be carried out remotely, and its most common tasks are related to the comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s problems, the development of a well-specified treatment according to the needs of the particular patient, the development of individual or group therapy, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration and even clinical-academic research depending on the cases to be treated.

To work as a Speech-Language Pathologist it is not necessary to be a doctor but rather the professional must have a specific degree in this area, which must then be complemented with a certificate from the corresponding official institution in order to be employed in this particular field.

This is a profession that can undoubtedly provide very sensitive help for disorders that always affect patients in very different ways, which is why its salary valuation is around $115,379 annually.

Business Consultant

A Business Consultant is dedicated to advising companies in a wide range of areas to help them improve their performance, solve problems, develop strategies and achieve their business objectives. This type of professional typically works independently or for consulting firms, and can be hired by companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

There is not only one type of business consultancy, but the good professional in this branch is one who knows how to adapt to the challenges of each organization, in order to improve its commercial capacity and turn it into a more efficient business unit. Therefore, the problems that must be addressed are usually quite varied: from the development of medium and long-term strategic plans, through the analysis of cost reduction and corporate efficiency, the creation of new ways of generating income or improving current matters, even advice in the tax branch or in the sphere of human resources.

Therefore, its activity is as broad and varied as it is required. Many companies and individuals need an effective Business Consultant, and there is no specific degree required for this job, since their corresponding demand may depend on a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experiences. Some of the best methods to obtain useful knowledge in this area are a degree in Economics or Business Administration, but it can also be a degree in engineering or computer science.

The fact that a license of any kind is not legally required could be quite an advantage for one of the most valued jobs to be performed remotely, with an annualized salary of around $148,300.

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