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Best paying remote jobs 2024

Remote work, today, is not limited to a series of selected jobs, but the same Internet technology is allowing more and more people to develop a professional activity in which they can grow and fulfill themselves almost without differences with conventional face-to-face work.

This advance has been possible thanks to new work platforms and increasingly reliable payment methods, while each profession has adapted to technology so that it expands its range of possibilities instead of limiting it to one activity through a screen. On the one hand, new types of employment have emerged in the growing technological world, while on the other, activities such as medicine or consulting of all kinds have been able to expand beyond their geographical limits to literally have the whole world as a potential client.

From the pandemic onwards, part of this powerful legitimation that remote jobs have received has been reflected in the good pay that can be received for a job done online. Nowadays, working remotely does not mean not being a top-level professional, but rather expanding your capabilities to a new environment that may especially interest you while allowing you to save on certain expenses and share more time in your own home.

That is why here we offer you a list of the best paying remote jobs 2024 with the right variety so that you can find not only good pay but the field of knowledge in which you could best fulfill yourself professionally.

Salaries for Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring that an organization complies with laws and regulations related to data privacy. This is a relatively recent career, if it is taken into account that the Privacy Office must play a crucial role in articulating compliance with specific laws on information while knowing how that information should be managed at a technical level.

Therefore, there is no single path to becoming a Privacy Officer, but it is certain that you will need a bachelor’s degree in at least law or computer science, since, regardless of the branch from which it comes, this professional must be up to date with the laws evolving privacy policy and be able to adapt organizational policies and practices accordingly.

Your most common tasks will be to create and maintain policies and procedures related to privacy and the protection of personal data within the organization, ensure that the company complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations under applicable legislation, provide training and resources to employees on best practices when assembling a prudent team in information management, or even externally carrying out audit or advisory activities for third parties interested in the good adaptation of their organization to the current laws.

Without a doubt, it is a very responsible job that can be carried out under different professional perspectives, which is why its average annual salary can vary from $63,000 to $163,000 annually.

Software Architect

If you are a computer guy, perhaps you are considering one of the many careers linked to the world of technology, then you should know that one of the best paid remotely is undoubtedly Software Architect.

A Software Architect is responsible for designing and supervising the structure and software components of complex systems. As its name may suggest, this job does not approach software only from a mechanical perspective, but a good Software architect must know how to adapt his or her own technical skills for good management as a whole, focused on making the entire project efficient, scalable and aligned with business objectives. That is to say, he knows how to articulate the technical complexities of coding with the characteristics of the commercial project on which he works.

Some of your common tasks will be system design, working closely with developers of all types, code review or risk management.

To become a Software Architect you need at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, added to a few years of experience that will test the professional’s ability to deal with all types of challenges. His annual salary is around $137,772.

PR Director

If you are interested in the world of marketing and have good interpersonal relationships and more than pleasant communication skills, perhaps you could consider being responsible for the institutional communication of an organization, so you could become a PR Director.

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for managing the public image and communication of an organization. This role includes a variety of strategic and operational tasks to ensure the company maintains a positive reputation and communicates effectively with its key audiences.

This activity must pay attention to the various aspects of communication as a whole, and can also be carried out remotely.

Some of their responsibilities will be the creation and execution of communication strategies well aligned with the company’s interests, establishing the most efficient relationship with mainstream or internet media, knowing how to manage moments of crisis, organizing events, monitoring media or creating content.

This is undoubtedly a very dynamic job that involves certain innate communication skills, while usually requiring a bachelor’s degree in communication, public relations, journalism or marketing. Your annual salary can range from $65,000 to $154,000.

Remote Nurse Practitioner

A Remote Nurse Practitioner is a nurse with advanced training who is authorized to provide medical care remotely, typically through telecommunications technologies such as video calls, online chats, and telephones.

In order to carry out this activity, you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as obtain the corresponding license provided by the State or through a recognized certification board. The practitioner’s very particular capabilities make it stand out above a Registered Nurse, since it has greater autonomy to carry out certain activities previously only known to a doctor. That is, he or she can diagnose diseases, prescribe medications, and develop treatment plans to some extent.

Like any complex activity, a Nurse Practitioner can specialize in different areas such as primary care, mental health, psychiatry, pediatrics, cardiology and more, so their salary scale could also vary depending on their particular medical branch.

Salaries for nurse practitioners range from $90,000 to $120,000 annually.

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