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Highest paying remote Teaching Jobs

Do not think that today’s technology can only help professionals dedicated to Internet or software issues; on the contrary, the reconfiguration of our communication channels has allowed for both new jobs and new ways of carrying out some of the oldest jobs.

One of these oldest jobs is, without a doubt, that of teaching: the ability to transmit knowledge in a pedagogical way and with special attention to others. And the Internet today has become an elementary resource to teach our knowledge to a virtually infinite number of users around the world, people of all kinds eager to learn in areas that others know very well.

It may not be so easy to believe at first look, but it is possible that all of us who have knowledge in a particular area or topic also have the very instructive ability to transmit it to others, and that could eventually become a great way to generate value. It is very possible that you do not consider yourself a teacher in your area of knowledge, but, just as we have learned our subject, one must also learn how to teach.

That is why in today’s working world there are tons of opportunities for remote teaching, some that you can find on specialized platforms or individually.

In order to better guide you in your search, here we provide you with a list of 5 of the highest paying remote teaching jobs that you can find today. All of these tend to have hourly wages above the average of other teaching jobs. Maybe one of this is even close to your area of expertise or maybe this list can guide you to venture into a new area in the future.

Online Scoping Teacher

You’re probably wondering what scoping is all about… don’t worry, this question is very common, but for our benefit, its activity is not as strange as its name. Scoping is what the court reporting industry calls editing. That is the task of editing the transcription, both oral and written, of a judicial report, ensuring that its forms are always understandable and correct. This requires a highly dedicated person who has excellent word skills, good punctuation and a vast vocabulary in order to make what is copied in the court room understandable.

Think of it as an editor but for texts produced in the institution of justice, so its prolixity and eloquence must undoubtedly remain pristine.

Becoming a scopist may require specialized skills, but it doesn’t require a college degree. So this activity can not only be carried out independently, but its teaching can be carried out remotely. It is important, however, to have certain basic skills such as understanding of formatting requirements, good listening, attention to detail and an infallible knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

This activity is taught through some institutions but can also be taught individually. Its hourly wage is around $65.34.

Online Nursing Teacher

As we all know, nursing is an essential part of the development of medicine, not only in its function of medical assistance but also in its capacity to provide human support to the patient. And while their responsibilities may vary widely depending on their specialization, the environment in which they work, and the level of experience, nurses play a vital role when evaluating the patient, administering medications, accompanying medical procedures, and monitoring and recording.

It is for this reason that its teaching is also so careful and required. To be a remote teacher in this branch of knowledge, it is obviously necessary to have degrees and authorizations, and if you are already a nurse, perhaps you will consider virtual teaching favorably.

The tasks of a nursing teacher through digital platforms will include the development of study plans, the design of teaching materials, the implementation of live lessons and the preparation of pre-recorded classes, the evaluation of students in different instances and the provision of good feedback and mentoring.

This is also a dynamic activity with continuous improvement, but as it is one of the most valued on the market, its hourly wage is around $46.29.

Coding instructor

Coding work involves writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs. These programmers use various programming languages to create software that can range from mobile applications to complex operating systems. If you are already a programmer or considering becoming one in the future, you may also welcome the possibility of becoming an online teacher.

The main responsibilities of a coding instructor will consist of developing courses and teaching classes so that others learn to write code using programming languages such as Python, JavaScript or Ruby, as well as correctly evaluating their skills when debugging their designs, reinforce their cybersecurity and carry out correct software maintenance.

This knowledge is highly valued today and will be much more so in the future, so any professional must keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies in programming and software. His hourly wage is around $50.26.

Online Teaching Writing

Teaching writing is undoubtedly one of the broadest and most varied activities, so each professional can focus on a specific area of expertise.

For this activity, such a tight academic protocol may not be necessary, and its models can be more open as long as they meet the objective of transmitting not only knowledge but also the writing skill that will only be achieved with enough practice. Their courses can be taught privately or through numerous online platforms. In general, a university degree is not necessary, but that will depend on the type of writing that each course tries to transmit.

There are writings more focused on advertisements and advertising campaigns, content for digital marketing, web content, search engine optimization (SEO), creativity for innovative ideas or the preparation of feature film scripts or social media pieces.

Actually, the variety of this activity is so great that its teaching can be very profitable financially, just as in other cases not so much. Its estimated hourly wage may vary, although a reference could be $40.46.

Virtual Music teacher

Music can also be taught virtually, in a huge variety of levels and instruments. A good virtual music teacher combines pedagogical and musical skills to provide a comprehensive education through digital media.

It uses a variety of tools and methodologies such as instructions and exercises, observation of other musicians, practice sessions and good feedback to teach and evaluate students, ensuring that each one can reach their maximum potential in musical learning.

Its salary scale may vary depending on the complexity of its subject as well as the high or low levels of demand for your course. An estimated value for its hour wage is around $37.71.

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