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Published 2024-02-19

Facebook Ad Buyer (High Ticket Coaching)

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: Houston, Texas, United States
Company: PIP University

Description of the offer

Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States

URL: http://pip-university.com


We’re looking for an A-Z expert on Facebook Ad buying who can fully manage high ticket funnels. We have a fantastic product (the best if you ask our students) and we need someone who can greatly extend our reach in a way where ideal salon owners across the world see us and say, “I gotta know more, ASAP!”

This role is our top priority right now and has 2 key responsibilities:

  • Ad buying
  • Funnel strategy and management for a high ticket offer.

Since 2019, our primary marketing channel has been through paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve used several different funnel types and have had solid success.

Now, we’re looking to 10X over the next 3 years by building with simplicity. Our avatar sees a stunner of an ad, clicks it, lands on a VSL, and books a call. Simple yet yields powerful results. You’d be the owner of everything within that process.

If paid ads, funnel management, and analyzing metrics are right up your alley, stay with me!

Are you a fit for this role?

  • If you come from corporate America and crave autonomy, leadership that encourages your ideas, and being a part of a forward-thinking, healthy team, you’re in for a treat.
  • If you’ve been doing this solo but need more collaboration, support, and resources to make the impact you know you can, you’ll thrive at PIP University.
  • If you come from an agency, our strategic risk taking, innovation and quick shifting might be uncomfortable for you at first. But your past experience will serve you well here. You’ll get to really dive in and do your thing.
  • However, if you operate best with clearly defined day to day duties and leadership coaching you on every step…… this is not the job for you.

One of our Core Values states: We are in the pursuit of mastery. We are here to develop unshakeable skill sets. It’s not enough to make an incremental difference. We want to do in a day what others do in weeks. To accomplish in a month what takes others years.

To stay in alignment with that, we need resourceful, solution-seeking innovators who take action and aren’t bothered by a faceplant or 100.

What will you do in this role?

You’ll own 3 Core Areas:

1. Meta Ad Buying

We currently have a single, paid traffic funnel running. You use your expertise to produce a 2.5X+ ROAS per month and improve all metrics as we scale ad spend.

What success looks like: Your qualified Cost Per lead is < $80 w/ 50% being W2 hair salons whose revenue is $20k+ per month. You achieve this by focusing on getting the 3 key metrics of the media buying part of the funnel (CPM, CPC, CPL) as low as they can go by being resourceful, a healthy risk taker, and setting up creative campaign structures in Meta.

2. Funnel Optimization

You are a sniper when it comes to funnels and generating qualified leads. You quickly identify bottlenecks and know the exact steps to fix any hole in the bucket. You obsess over making big and small tweaks to improve performance and profit. You create and test everything including new copy, ad types, audiences, video sales letters, landing pages, etc.

What success looks like: Because of you, our CPB is < $200 with 50% of the bookings being W2 hair salons whose revenue is $20k+ per month.

3. Tracking and Reporting

Your response to everything starts with, “The numbers tell us….” You make all decisions based on data and even when the data is good, you want the best.

What success looks like: You have every number historically tracked on a tidy spreadsheet we call a 3×5. It’s always up to date and you rely on it daily. You consistently find ways to achieve higher quality bookings, lower funnel costs, and improve profits.


Your #1 goal is profit generated from the paid marketing funnel. This is your north star and primary measure of how well you’re doing in this role.

Your 3 primary KPIs:

  1. ROAS
  2. # of units sold and CAC
  3. Booking 35 calls a week @ $200 each

As the leader of the company, my commitment to you is to always make sure you know what winning looks like and where you stand at all times. This is a performance marketing role and you’ll know you’ve won when you can say, “This is the best team I’ve ever been a part of and what we’ve created together has not only changed the trajectory of my family but all the families of the people we serve.”

Who will you work with?

You will work closely with Samantha, our Director of Sales, and me (Heather Manuel, the creator of PIP U).

You will also be working alongside the rest of our team. We have a healthy, fast paced environment where we’re all self driven and still collaborative!

Where will you work with?

We work remotely and have since the beginning. We’re scattered all over, from Omaha to Houston and Chicago to Atlanta

What does PIP University do and why?

We help salons retstructure their systems within 6 main categories.

  • Increasing cash flow
  • Financial management
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Pricing
  • Career Path
  • Recruiting

We work with W2 hair salon owners (meaning they have employees, not booth-renters) for a minimum of 1 year in our robust digital course. They have a timeline and tasks they complete across 8 chapters and 70 lessons within our program. This helps them to work less behind the chair themselves, greatly increase revenue, profit and grow their team.

One of our students Ashley Thomas, a salon owner in Pennsyvania started working with us at the end of her first year in business. She had a smaller team and told us that she had no systems or structure at first. By the end of her 2nd year in business, they hit a million (2021). By 2023 she had purchased and renovated a 5k sq ft historic building, grew her team significantly and hit over 1.6M in sales.

These are the people you’ll be bringing to us. Do you want to be a part of leaving this kind of mark on people and their families?

I can’t wait to connect with you!


  • You have profitably grown an ad budget from $50,000 to over $200,000+ /mo in spend
  • You have managed a owned an ad budget of at least $100k for at least 3 years.
  • You have driven cost per booking to below $110 on scale in a B2B niche
  • You have spent $5,000,000+ on social ads
  • You have an established tracking and optimization methodology
  • You have extensive experience in producing ad creative that converts
  • You love copywriting emails, ads and landing pages .
  • You are in love with marketing and see it as your calling, you can’t get enough.
  • You have directly owned filling calendars for a phone sales team
  • You have 3+ years directly owning paid marketing funnels from end to end including KPIs such as CPM, CPC, CPL, Booking Cost, CAC, and ROAS.
  • You are a high-bandwidth person capable of handling a dozen projects at a time while prioritizing and executing on the most important ones


  • OTE: $125,000
  • Salary: $65k-85k base
  • Variable: up to $40k
    • Monthly: Volume & Profit
    • Quarterly: Volume & Profit
  • Work from home (we’re 100% remote)
  • Really fun Annual Company retreats
  • Paid vacation (mandated 2-weeks/yr and Birthday’s off)
  • Extensive resource allowance


How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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