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Top 10 themes on Mythemeshop

Any website is defined by two things. The code and the structure, and the look. It’s easy to say that a website is non-existent without its code, rather it’s stupid not to say it. Also, the information displayed on the page. But if the page is dull and just reads like a document then the website does not have its own personality. So the look and feel or the theme of a website is paramount to the effective operation and eventual success of the website.

Nowadays it’s the era of the CMS or content management systems. It’s a technology that allows you to make your own website and also design it without really coding. It’s a convenient way to get an internet-based venture up and running. The most popular CMS is WordPress. In terms of themes, there are available on many webshops. One of the most popular ones is mythemeshop.

So, today let’s look at some themes that you can look to add to your WordPress website and you can use this as a sort of reference point.

The points we are going to base the review of themes are:

  • Style: The look and feel of the theme.
  • Support: This is the software support or the technical flexibility of the theme.
  • Features: basic structural characteristics

Mythemeshop Schema

Style: The look and feel of this theme are very generic. Blacks and whites cover the parts like header content and footer. Its simplicity makes it quite a universal theme.
Support: This theme is very well rounded in terms of software support with built-in review systems. SEO options, Responsive design, Custom CSS to make tweaks and changes.
Features: As i said before the look is pretty basic in terms of websites. The menu bar, the right-justified side columns, header footer. It does have two other versions called minimalist and shop though.

Mythemeshop Reader

Style: The Reader theme is much more blog oriented in style. It has minimalist yet effective style with a greyish-blue tinge.
Support: As the functions of this theme are, the support is also a little less. It only has speed optimization, SEO ready tools, and responsive design.
Features: This theme presents its contents like a blog home page. Users pick out blog posts and go in the posts. The menu bars and sidebars are there but the focus is always on the posts.

Mythemeshop Fitness

Style: This website theme is targeted at the gym and fitness-based websites. It has a greenish edge and corner effect. This theme relies heavily on the imagery of fitness models and has a large stock of images for use.
Support: This has much more support in the form of speed optimization, SEO friendly, Mobile design, Adsense optimization, WP functions integrated.
Features: The fitness theme comes in three variations of standard, blog, and shop based. Three have distinct functions, like blog posts, eCommerce, or just a business portfolio site. The default and blog are quite similar to the imagery and bolden sections with emphasis. The shop page looks like a standard shop site with products listed.

Mythemeshop Beauty

Style: Beauty is also a theme based on a certain topic which is beauty. It has a simplistic design and it also draws on images to convey thematic expressions. It has a peach-colored side with deep purple embedded. simplistic yet Stylish.
Support: Adsense, SEO Support, Schema, and Gutenberg integration and font support is all there in this theme. It is also responsive across most devices.
Features: This just has one variation. It is targeted towards beauty based blogs or businesses targeting fashion items. So it’s fairly basic in terms of features.

Mythemeshop Fresh

Style: Fresh is a food-related blogging theme. It puts emphasis on the green and orange, and vegetable imagery is prevalent in most parts. It justifies its name properly with light and very positive color usage, a fresh look.
Support: The major support is similar to the ones explained before, with an emphasis on universal responsive design, SEO friendliness, and speed optimization. Adsense, Schema is also integrated.
Features: The fresh maybe a blog based theme but it has three other options of the blog, recipe display, and shop.

Mythemeshop Purple

Style: This theme is pretty basic and similar to Schema in its execution. Its basic look is dominated by purple color with whites here and there. Backgrounds, Menus, Options, etc are mostly purple, as the name suggests.
Support: SEO tools embedded, Speed optimization, and also WordPress plugin Support are some of the main features of this theme in terms of tech-based support.
Features: It doesn’t have any other version. It is structured as a basic multi-paged website theme.

Mythemeshop Lawyer

Style: Law and Order imagery and background images make up the look and feel of this theme. The content is filled with white and copper/deep gold shades and very serious tones.
Support: SEO, Adsense, Schema support is there. Fonts, Icons and a variety of homepage options are there for customization
Features: This is an ideal theme for law firms and individual lawyer portfolio sites. It has two such versions: Default and Blog. It follows the standard site schtick with main sections and FAQ in the bottom.

Mythemeshop Blocks

Style: The blocks theme isn’t much of a central theme, but a versatile one. It’s visuals consist of, You guessed it block-sized images. It has a bluish tinge. It’s look is quite simple.
Support: Blocks have typical SEO support, Adsense, Schema, and homepage variation.
Features: Block is a theme that is based around images and has ample spaces dedicated to the image-based browsing experience. It has only one default version and conveys the same block image theme.

Mythemeshop Risen

Style: Risen focuses on the center justified the main part with bombastic imagery and huge fonts. It is very eye-catching and is a mishmash of whites, and a rainbow of colors.
Support: The distinction of the previous themes with this one is that this has a custom featured area in the center and has quite a lot of effort dedicated to it with carousels and live animations.
Features: Risen has two versions, one default and the other is blogs. Risen uses it’s in your face style to good use with emphasized menus and options.

Mythemeshop Reactor

Style: Reactor has similarity with the western union in visuals with black and yellow in its default version. It also puts section emphasis with each section uniquely highlighted.
Support: Reactor has a typical theme support system. SEO tools are at the ready with schema and Adsense optimization.
Features: Reactor has two versions” the default and the blog. The reactor can be a great review site with how the style is presented.

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