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Remote Jobs Paying 150k

Today, technology has expanded to a level never seen before, allowing the emergence of new types of jobs, as well as reconfiguring the activity of old jobs now heavily influenced by technology and the Internet.

Since the pandemic onwards, remote work has gained considerable importance in the lives of more and more companies and workers, even allowing several highly paid professionals to do their top-level work from the comfort of their home. Some new markets have opened, and others have shifted at the ever- dynamic speed of the network.

But this change can undoubtedly mean a great opportunity if you are looking for a full-time job that pays a more than interesting annual salary. Remote work is no longer necessarily synonymous with a flexible commitment or modest pay, but can also accompany the next step in the development of a professional career in instances of very good remuneration.

To help you orient yourself in this somewhat chaotic sea of opportunities, here we give you a list of some remote jobs paying 150k per year added to some of the best paying remote sales job that combine the option of remote work with the benefit of a salary above average. Some require college instruction, but others can be achieved based on experience and a results-driven mentality.

While 75% of employees say they are more productive working remotely because of comforts and fewer distractions, the trend towards work-from-home jobs is restructuring the labor market towards a horizon in which you will not only be able to work for a base salary, but also develop yourself as a professional while seeing your finances prosper.

Without further ado, here are some options for remote jobs paying 150k a year.

Medical Director

An ideal job for those looking to combine their medical vocation with project development and leadership. Its average salary is around $232,369 per year.

Cloud Architect

This job involves great knowledge about IT, so its average annual salary is around $147,236 and for top-earners it can reach up to $180,000.

Software Sales Manager

The average annual salary is around $88,437, but can climb up to $184,000 if commissions and evaluations for each performance are taken into account. In sales, the sky is the limit.

Digital Advertising Sales Executive

This is a job for a profile that loves social networks but also knows how to evaluate them with a clinical and detail-oriented eye. The salary for the Digital Advertising Sales Executive is around $88,499 per year.

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