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Blog vs. Website

Here are some important differences between Blog and Website:

DefinitionThe Blog is usually informal, informative, and educated in nature.A business website is formal, professional.
Fundamental unitContentPost
Basic unitThe basic unit of a blog is a post.The basic unit of a website is content.
Content orderIn a blog or informational websites, where the contents are placed as per reverse chronological order.Website, there is no special arrangement for the content.
HomepageThe homepage could probably be present inside the blog.On a website, the homepage needs to be included, additionally.
CommentingEnabledNot always possible.
Updation frequencyBlogs are dynamic in nature as the content keeps on updating regularly.Websites are relatively static as changes only occur when some business strategy changes.
EssentialTo create a blog, the blogger must select software for blogging, e.g., Joomla or WordPress.If it is an e-commerce website, it may be integrated with a payment gateway for online shopping.
SubscriptionIt allows you to subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed.On the website, no subscription is available to the RSS feed.

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