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Digital creator

Digital creator

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Name: Nestor Camacho
Skills: Design
Country: Colombia
Website: https://www.nestorcamacho.com

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About Nestor Camacho

Hi this is Nest, I’m a multidisciplinary fine and visual artist based in Bogota Colombia. I’ve been a digital creator since 2010, interested in 2D and 3D image creation, new media and audiovisual production, and being part of the direction, production, and editing of video clips, performance recordings, and urban action interventions.

I’ve worked with the Adobe Suite, such as many others apps, performing as a graphic designer and digital producer, areas in which I have elaborated physical and digital images, illustrations, and general content for several private enterprises and public companies. I’ve specialized in video editions, montage, 2D animation, and art direction, video projection as a visual jockey, and mappings for musical concerts, theatrical performances, and corporative presentations on diverse stages. I´ve given several workshops and presentations in public establishments.

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