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Published 2023-09-26

Website design for AR market place

Type of job: Remote
Country: Worldwide
City: Remote
Company: Gadica

Description of the offer

We are looking for a designer to envision the first iteration of our product. We can handle the build but we want something that will blow away our artists and buyers and bring art sales into the modern world.

The website will have:

  • Home page
  • Artists profile pages
    • Collections
    • Options for Physical art, Digital art, Prints
  • Gallery Profile pages
    • Collections
  • Hardware sales
  • AR Experienceds for Iphone or Apple/VR headset (We have VR guys, dont worry)
  • Payment page
  • Portal for artists/galleries to sign up and upload art
  • Payment page for premium services like customers art AR galleries or exhibits
  • Customer feedback page
  • News articles
  • About us
  • AR Fun visualisations

About you

Ideally you are a designer who is excited about the idea of bringing this concept to live. The world is your oyster. We have some of the best web 2 and web 3 coders ready to build. We need someone to bring our vision to an easy to navigate, futuristic marketplace.

What is Gadica

Gadica is a marketplace that connects Artists directly with Customers. With our platform you can upload images of your art, and we can convert it into a 3D canvas. We also have a team that can help create AR experiences, and scan in sculptures.

Our goal is to build a simple platform to take the hard work out of art sales, so artists can focus on what they do best. Sharing their art with the world.

Using augmented reality Gaidica can bridge the gap between art collectors, artists, and galleries without the customer traveling to physically view the artwork. Gadica can visualize the art in augmented reality within the home, office, or even on the beach with an AR experience.

Why work with us

Our team is built up of artists, and tech entrepreneurs, who have come together to build something cool for the art industry. We are committed to providing a fun, easy experience for all in our ecosystem. We have a team of curators and onboarding specialists here to help. We are connected to galleries, artists, art collectors, commercial art customers, and a network of millions of instafollowers.

What can Artists or Galleries you sell?

We can sell Canvas, Sculptures, Printed Photography, Augmented Reality Experiences, Physical prints of digital art, custom finished using AR tools to design the finish. Physical prints of NFTs (once ownership is verified)

Helpline/ Live chat

We have a team who are available to assist you with all aspects to selling online. Whether it’s with Gadica, or helping you with your own marketing and shopify store. We are here to help all in our community.

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