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Published 2024-02-15

UI/UX Designer

Type of job: Remote
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai
Company: Prepaire Labs

Description of the offer

We are Prepaire-Biotune Labs and we are looking for the best UI/UX Designer.


To design a user-friendly, intuitive, and scientifically accurate UI/UX for the Bertozzi application, focusing on mining glycans, molecules, and enzymes for delivery and targeting via “click chemistry” or biorthogonal chemistry.


Target Audience

  • Researchers in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, and drug discovery
  • Citizen Scientists interested in gene editing and molecular biology
  • Healthcare professionals looking for targeted delivery systems

MultiOmics App Store on Prepaire Labs’ LIM operating system


Design Requirements


  • Search & Filter: Users should be able to search and filter glycans, molecules, and enzymes based on various parameters like molecular weight, charge, etc.
  • Data Visualization: Implement interactive graphs and tables for displaying complex molecular data.
  • Workflow Integration: The app should integrate seamlessly with Prepaire’s existing LIM operating system and other apps in the MultiOmics App Store.
  • In Silico to In Vitro Connection: The app should offer a way to connect computational models to realworld lab experiments, aligning with Prepaire’s mission to connect in silico with in vitro.


User Experience

  • Onboarding: A quick tutorial or walkthrough for first-time users explaining the app’s functionalities.
  • Navigation: Intuitive menu layout, easily accessible features, and a logical flow between different sections of the app.
  • Accessibility: The design should be accessible to users with disabilities, including but not limited to color contrast and text readability.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Include tooltips, help icons, and real-time feedback to guide the user through complex tasks.



  • Color Scheme: Align with Prepaire Labs’ brand colors but also consider the readability and clarity of scientific data.
  • Typography: Choose a clean, readable font that works well with both textual and numerical data.
  • Iconography: Use scientifically accurate icons where applicable.


Technical Specifications

  • Frontend Framework: React.js or Angular (align with Prepaire’s existing tech stack)
  • Backend: Python/Django or Node.js
  • Database: MongoDB or PostgreSQL
  • APIs: List any third party APIs for molecular data, scientific libraries, etc.


P.S. Preferably with healthcare experience

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