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Published 2023-01-14

Freelance Image Specialist

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: Seattle, WA
Company: Stone Press
Company website:

Description of the offer

At Stone Press, we’re building the largest network of B2B review sites. Not only do we need to ship a lot of content, it needs to be the highest quality content out there, period.

To do that, our content team pushes the limits of what great content looks like. Some of our posts take months of research and end up exceeding 10,000 words. The research is amazing. The writing is amazing. Our images need some tough love.
That’s where you come in.
We are looking for a Freelance Image Specialist whose only job is making our images as amazing as the words around them. You will upload image files to the WordPress media library but you don’t need to be a developer. You don’t even have to be a visual designer but you do need to be detail-oriented and proficient with image editing and processing software. The images you capture and format will be seen by millions of visitors every month, so your attention to detail should be the stuff of legends.

This freelance role is 100% remote, reporting to the Production Manager.

Your Responsibilities

You’ll receive assignments in Airtable and use Canva, WordPress, and your preferred image processing application.
  • You should be able to process and upload approximately 400 high-quality images (screenshots, custom images, logos, etc.) per month. Expect some of these to take less than 10 minutes and others to require half an hour or more, depending on their complexity and your proficiency.
  • Follow our SOPs and requirements to upload images, associated content, and relevant metadata into WordPress for multiple websites.
  • Work independently to capture high-quality screenshots that complement the copy and add value to our reader’s experience.
  • Resize and compress existing screenshots, reformatting as needed to fit specific dimensions and placement.
  • Under the Production Manager’s direction, quality check published posts to make sure the images look perfect every time.
  • Work closely with internal team members to make sure images meet requirements and meet or exceed quality standards.
  • Work with the Production Manager to continually improve the image production process.
  • Hit all goals/quotas and deadlines.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit

  • You know you have a great future ahead of you if someone will just give you a chance to prove yourself. You might be a design student or grad looking for their first gig. Perhaps you’re a blogger with tons of relevant experience but no portfolio showcasing your image processing superpower. Show us you can do the work and we’ll help you get started.
  • You are extremely attentive to detail. You can tell when an image has the wrong dimensions, isn’t centered correctly or is the wrong shade of green. When no one else sees those inconsistencies as a big deal, you not only know they’re wrong, but you make sure they get fixed.
  • When you have a deadline, you don’t miss it. With a high volume of images to produce each month, you get yourself organized and get it done without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.
  • You are a creative problem solver. If you can’t get the right dimensions for the perfect screenshot the first time, you’ll adjust the window size and come up with other solutions to capture the perfect image.
  • You don’t think of yourself as a WordPress guru, but you’re comfortable with working in the back end without constant supervision.
  • You are familiar with content processes.
  • Regardless of experience, you understand it’s important that the words and pictures we present to readers work together to enhance their experience with our sites.

How to Apply

We require a test project, and we’ll pay you $150 to complete it. Should you choose to apply, we will assume that you are okay with doing the paid test project.

If you look like a good fit, we’ll reach out via email with next steps.

How to apply?

Click on the button to get the company email or employment application form.
Apply on home page

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