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Published 2023-01-30

Lead Documentation Specialist – Enterprise SaaS Software (since 2005)

Type of job: Remote
Country: Worldwide
City: USA, UK, Canada
Company: Nalpeiron

Description of the offer

Nalpeiron, the parent of Zentitle, provides an industry-leading Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform (SAAS) that’s easy to integrate and deploy, with a proven platform, world-class support, and over 17 years delivering to enterprise-level software companies.

We are a stable, growing, reliable, and profitable business employing a band of technical operators who love making the best products for our enterprise software customers.

Nalpeiron is seeking a seasoned Documentation Specialist to lead our product documentation and training process – you will be a big cog in a small wheel – we are not a big corporate machine. If you want to make a big difference and be “heard,” working among peers that act like family, we are the place.

This is a fun time to join as we are building our latest generation of products on our new platform. We want to create modern, exciting, and detailed documentation, onboarding, and training materials for our technical software products – this is key to our success.


Successful candidates will collaborate with engineering, marketing/sales, and customers to identify, build, and deliver the right materials for Zentitle2, the next generation of our highly successful SAAS platform (with 100s millions of end users).

You will own the whole process from research to production of all forms of materials to fully immerse our customers in the product, how to get the most from it and how to use it to add value to their businesses! You will not only be able to create accurate and easy-to-use docs but also video tutorials. Experience in video production and editing will be important.

Strong experience with the product development process, SaaS fundamentals, UI/UX, and the software development lifecycle is helpful. Familiarity with enterprise software development is critical. The documentation process is technical and requires a background in Software to be successful.

You should see the documentation/training as a “product” critical to customer success!

The role requires:

This role will determine the best way to organize and deliver information, write and revise supporting content for products, and review content for technical accuracy, consistency, and style. This role requires effective planning, scheduling, research, writing, and editing skills. The Documentation Specialist works with development teams, keeping informed of product development activities to determine the need for new documentation and revisions, corrections, and changes in previously released materials.

  • 5+ years of related experience in documentation and/or training with SaaS/cloud products
  • Technical degree (BS in Technical Writing, Technical Communication, Computer Science, English/Linguistics, Journalism, or Engineering with 2 years experience or MS)
  • Familiar with documentation and training tools (Rise/articulate, Hubspot, Youtube/Wistia, Camtasia, Jira, Swagger, Gitlab and other vital tools, etc.)
  • Fluency in English, along with excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Ability to gather and analyze technical and product information from various sources, paying close attention to detail
  • Capacity to develop user-centric documentation ensuring a high level of quality, consistency, and accuracy
  • Demonstrated ability to take product documentation from ideation to release in an enterprise (B2B) environment
  • Experience in Big data analytics, large-scale cloud solutions, or other high-volume data streams/sources is a big plus.
  • SaaS software experience is strongly preferred.
  • Must thrive operating in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and competitive environment without corporate politics and processes
  • Ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks with limited supervision, all remote
  • Intellectual curiosity, humility, accountability, and a positive approach
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Job Responsibilities

  • Define, develop, and deliver the overall documentation and training roadmap for our platforms.
  • Personally build and deliver the materials as docs, training materials, and videos.
  • Produce compelling demonstration videos using video capture software (Camtasia etc).
  • Build out general overviews, quick-start tutorials, installation and configuration instructions, demonstration videos, and API documentation.
  • Be able to write for various audiences, from end users and non-technical clients to programmers to system administrators.
  • Build our Nalpeiron “academy” using a training methodology and tools (as opposed to simple docs) to be used as an onboarding tool in our PLG strategy.
  • Check first-pass docs from the engineering teams and improve and make them as “usable” and accurate as possible, including spelling, grammar, and English.
  • Create use cases, best practice materials, and non-doc type training that enable customers outside engineering, such as users, product managers, and non-technical customers.
  • Build out our YouTube channel with detailed training video tutorials.
  • Work with customers to capture feedback and constantly improve their experience.
  • Partner with Engineering and Design teams to develop materials in an agile environment.
  • Contribute to our internal processes for user research, hypothesis development, and data-driven validation, and keep promoting a rapid prototyping approach.
  • Be a part of Nalpeiron’s Leadership Team – partnering with other senior leaders in the company to drive continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Entrepreneurial in nature: the ability to roll-up sleeves and help develop the infrastructure and best practices to scale.

Job Compensation & benefits

This is a full-time position, working from your home office, with excellent career prospects as we grow.

  • Hours: Flexible full-time working hours (from home, no commute, based in the US). 5-day Work Week.
  • Compensation: $75-100,000 Based on experience
    Stock options: % Available, role eligible to earn incentive compensation
  • Learning Benefits: We provide an annual stipend to pursue your choice of professional training opportunities, including workshops, classes, books, etc
  • Benefits Package: 20-25 Days Paid Holidays. Paid sick leave and paid parental leave.
  • Medical: Medical stipend in addition to base salary
  • Technology: Latest high-end PC equipment and related Software
  • Home office costs: contribution to the internet and home setup costs

More about Nalpeiron

Founded in 2005, Nalpeiron is one of the pioneers in cloud computing, taking what used to be on-premise systems and offering them as a cloud service. Much has changed in the computing business since those early days, and Nalpeiron has continuously innovated over that time and still provides the best-in-class Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform called Zentitle.

Many of the team that created the early versions of our service still work at the company, over ten years later, and the reason for that is our company culture of allowing each person to live their lives how it suits them while serving the company and their teammates at the same time.

All staff may work remotely wherever they wish. They can express themselves no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or background – we are a very diverse and accepting set of people spread across the globe.

We employ people of all ages, and we value their contribution first and foremost. We abhor company politics and prefer colleagues that get on with their jobs and are passionate about creating the best product for our customers – many Customers have also stayed with us for over ten years.

We have a flat company structure. Everyone takes part, everyone has a say, and we appreciate the value of everyone’s experience when we make decisions.

In summary, we are a stable, growing, reliable, and profitable business employing a band of technical operators who love making the best products for our enterprise software customers.

More here: https://www.nalpeiron.com/

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