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Published 2023-11-01

A Designer Thats Work Shows They Care

Type of job: Remote
Country: United States
City: San Francisco
Company: Air

Description of the offer

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for a designer, artist, and creative that DEEPLY CARES about creating magical products. We are looking for someone who wants to create a brand and experience that they view as a masterpiece they are proud of for decades to come.


30,000 Foot View On Air:

At Air, we are obsessed with creating magical products that will make our future grandkids proud and that cause our customer’s faces to light up. We are currently working on a suite of products that help businesses scale rapidly… from a fintech platform that facilitates high ticket purchases, to a conversational AI that can have full-blown 25 minute sales calls and is indistinguishable from a human. Because of our customers’ love for our products, we’ve generated $4.21MM in revenue since launching Air 29 days ago ($52MM/yr pace w/o a dime of VC capital).



Salary: $120k-$250k a year

Ownership: 0-1% equity


The Most Important Question: Why Air?

You are on a floating rock in the middle of the universe. Let that sink in.

The truth is… you do not need another “job.” — if that is what you are looking for, you can save your time and just stop reading now.

What you need is to be a part of something that matters — to be a part of something that causes you to tap dance into work everyday.

At Air, we are obsessed with creating magical products that will make our future grandkids proud and that cause our customer’s faces to light up.

After all, that is the real goal of building software… not to generate ARR, not to prop up your valuation, not to raise more capital… but to create products you are proud to stamp your name on and to create products that are a part of your life story.

And the fascinating dichotomy that our team at Air believes in strongly is that a team obsessed with creating great products always has more success than a team focused primarily on making money.

At Air, our focus on product is why we have generated $4.21MM in revenue since launching 29 days ago ($52MM/yr pace w/o a dime of VC capital).

We aren’t building Air to sell in the next few years or to add some zero’s to our net worth. We want to build a company that lives long past any of our founders. A company that maintains an essence of excellence over the long term. A company that people can feel is synonymous with quality.

We are looking for more A players to join our team that meet these 3 criteria:

1. Someone Willing To Work Obsessively On Something They Truly Believe In (An Obsessive… They Think About “Air” All The Time)

2. Someone With Years Of Evidence Of Exceptional Ability At Their Craft (And Learns Rapidly)

3. Someone Who Is “One Of Us” – The Thought Of Working With Them Everyday Excites Us (Businesses Are At Their Best When Everyone Enjoys Who They Are Going To War With Everyday)


What would I be working on at Air?

We have multiple areas a designer and creative could step in and have an immediate impact on our customer experience and brand as a whole:

  • UI & UX: Helping create a unified experience across our suite of products. We want people to see our products and at a glance say “Oh, that must have been built by Air”
  • Logo’s: We have multiple new products in development that will need on brand logos
  • Website: Our current website is “meh” – We have a strong vision for how we could better convey what we are building and what we stand for


Next steps?

If you want to learn more about our vision and are curious about what we are building at Air and how you could contribute, apply below


Caleb Maddix, Co-Founder Of Air.ai

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